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Locations, access, conditions and reports. Sometimes we will also have info on the surrounding businesses we like.

Pedaling Stream Report: Stoney Creek, Dauphin County Pennsylvania 4/10/16

We had a great time pedaling just a tiny stretch of the Stoney Creek Rail Trail today. The trail is 23 minutes from Harrisburg making it very accessible for the remote feeling you get from the environment. The trail is in good shape and a hybrid or mountain bike with mild tires rolls nicely over …

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Penns Creek / Spring Creek May 15 – 18

Started off the weekend on Friday with Daniel in Poe Paddy. After a 2 hour drive it was 14 miles back a dirt/rock road and we made it to the creek. Hatch was non exsistant but the bugs are on the move underneath so nymphing during the day was clutch. Daniel picked up a few …

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Penns / Spring 4/12/15

Started the day out casting glass rods with Mike from Seele Fly Rods. Mike is the rod designer and builder at Seele and he also shares my discerning affinity for a great casting rod. A good fishing rod at the very least will cast a fly, a great fishing rod has the kind of feel …

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