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The Perfect Conditions

The best time to go fishing is when you can. Despite all the advice from the experts in the magazines about planning and predicting the perfect conditions, this is the mantra of the working class angler. That is not to say that some times are not better than others. But the truth is for the …

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Donegal Trout Unlimited Presents: Patrick Campbell – Fish Erie – Steelhead and Beyond (February 18th)

Steelhead guru Patrick Campbell will be presenting at Donegal Trout Unlimited’s membership meeting on February 18th. Patrick is a guide on steelhead alley and he will be sharing his knowledge and experience of fishing the great lakes for lake run fish species, including: steelhead, brown trout, and Bass. The great lakes are incredible fisheries and …

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Coming in from the cold

  This past weekend Keystone Fly Guides returned to the frigid shores of lake Erie for more fly n fin pursuits. Unfortunately conditions did not change much sine the prior week and the creeks were mostly low and clear. Fortunately this was also the weekend of PaFlyFish.com Steelhead Jam! Misery may love company but with …

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