Penns Creek / Spring Creek May 15 – 18


Started off the weekend on Friday with Daniel in Poe Paddy. After a 2 hour drive it was 14 miles back a dirt/rock road and we made it to the creek. Hatch was non exsistant but the bugs are on the move underneath so nymphing during the day was clutch. Daniel picked up a few and learned why Penns is a wading staff stream at any level, even 275 cfs.

We headed to Coburn and the Feathered Hook fly shop where we had the pleasure to witness it’s infamous owner Jonas in his full, mid-season, glory. After getting the standard run down we picked up a few well tied flies for the evening. If you never have been to the Feathered Hook you need to, it is an experience.

We left the unassuming village of Coburn for the transitioning town of Milheim. Milheim is changing from a real mountain town into a more polished and “hip” place to be. I told Daniel of the time I was in the Milheim Inn later than I should have been…fun times. However, experience teaches us to make wiser choices and this day we ended up at the Elk Creek Café.

Fly Fishing is not really about the fish, just listen to any old fly angler, its about the story. After swapping stories over some of Elk Creek’s great craft beer (get the porter) and arguably one of the best burgers in Pa, we headed back to Poe for the evening rise.

After making the 8 mile dirt road drive back over the mountain from Coburn we found some bugs. To bad they weren’t on the water. We both swung some wets and had a few tugs but it was not the spectacle it can be. But thats Penns creek for ya!


Still we had a great day and things are only getting better.

Sunday we were back up and had Sulphurs on Spring Creek in the canyon at dark. I had the great joy of having both of my boys out and Brooks even hooked a brown on a sulphur but he got away, what fun!


Swinging size 16 pheasant tails through almost all water was HIGHLY productive and resulted in my contact with and subsequent loss of a huge brown. This is what we live for.

Monday night was a different story. Not as much on top in the canyon but frenchies were wreaking havoc on the fish deep in riffs and tailouts. It was a great night on the water with my best friend Myles who is interested in getting into the sport after moving to Bellefonte.


All in all things are shaping up and this weekend and coming week ought to be (to use the cliché) epic! Get out.


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