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Home for the Holidays: A fly-fishing story

We are always looking for great stories and content from fly anglers across our commonwealth. If you have a story or piece of writing you would like to share feel free to contact us. We love to spread the good news of fly-fishing in our state. A TRIP HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS By: Josh Diller …

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The Pennsylvania Wild Trout Coalition

This is a long one. It might be one of my last posts for a while as I need to devote attention to other areas of my work. With that I mind I would like to thank the folks who have visited this site and left kind words. I see such a potential in Pennsylvania’s …

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If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Streams of Consciousness Series We are proud to share the stories and experiences of fellow guides, expert anglers, and conservationists from across our commonwealth. If you have story you would like to share please contact us.   About guest contributor: Brian Trussell Brian has been fishing the wild trout haunts of South Eastern Pennsylvania for as long as …

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