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We pride ourselves on fishing any fly we can get our hands on and we like to spread the love to the folks that tie the flies that work for us. These are our “confidence patterns” the ones that always seem to work.

We will be offering flies for sale from several tiers. Sometimes it will be a fly you can purchase elsewhere but some of our flies will be from tiers we know that are not commercial. We will be updating the page throughout the year so please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to get you on your new favorite fly!

Summer Series: Top 5 Summer Trout Flies for PA

  Now that we just two days past the 2016 Summer Solstice I thought it would be a great time to look at my favorite and most productive summer trout flies. Summer offers us a great opportunity to fish for trout all day long. While the high sun and bright days can create challenging conditions …

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Fall Fly Fishing – best time of year for dries?

Everyone loves dry fly fishing, I say it’s the essence of fly fishing. But is spring really the best season for topside action? Let’s look at some reasons why fall might be your new favorite season for dry flies. #1.) Reliable fall hatches- – Isonychia -October Caddis -Blue Winged Olives – Terrestrials        -beetles        …

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White Flies on the Yellow Breeches. An introduction.

Perhaps one of my favorite hatches locally is the white flies on the Yellow Breeches. The hatch is reliable but can be tricky to time due to changing conditions from year to year. Depending on water flow and temperature the hatch timing can change. This of course also effects whether it is safe to ethically …

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