White Flies on the Yellow Breeches. An introduction.

Perhaps one of my favorite hatches locally is the white flies on the Yellow Breeches. The hatch is reliable but can be tricky to time due to changing conditions from year to year. Depending on water flow and temperature the hatch timing can change. This of course also effects whether it is safe to ethically practice catch and release.


Fortunately this year has been fantastic for both water flow and temperature. The hatch started this week and should intensify to fever pitch over the weekend. This timing of course will make for quite a busy weekend on the “britches” so if you are seeking solitude you may want to look elsewhere.


However, if you don’t mind some company while you are wetting a line this hatch can make for some exciting rapid-fire angling. Don’t be afraid to swing nymphs or wet-flies under this hatch and look for a fantastic spinner fall to follow the main hatch.


I was fortunate enough to get out the last few nights along with some great friends both old and new. Get out and experience this phenomenal Keystone fly fishing tradition!



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