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A blog about riding the rail trails of PA and the trout streams that flow beside them.

Fall Fly Fishing – best time of year for dries?

Everyone loves dry fly fishing, I say it’s the essence of fly fishing. But is spring really the best season for topside action? Let’s look at some reasons why fall might be your new favorite season for dry flies. #1.) Reliable fall hatches- – Isonychia -October Caddis -Blue Winged Olives – Terrestrials        -beetles        …

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“It’s not the tools, it’s the craftsman”

In the history of Fly Fishing it is now past the advent of the “slow” action rod, perhaps it’s more of a “second coming” or as audiophiles like to classify things “second-wave” of slow. While many of us who are fans of full flex are celebrating there are many who don’t share our enthusiasm. In …

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