Fall Fly Fishing – best time of year for dries?

Everyone loves dry fly fishing, I say it’s the essence of fly fishing. But is spring really the best season for topside action? Let’s look at some reasons why fall might be your new favorite season for dry flies.

#1.) Reliable fall hatches-

– Isonychia
-October Caddis
-Blue Winged Olives
– Terrestrials

#2 fish looking up – the fish have had all summer to learn that there is food to be had on top. Now with lower water and cooler weather it is safe to target these fish we backed off of over the dog days of summer.

#3 thin water – while we wait for fall rains, larger rivers that are unsafe to wade in the spring are now accessible and productive. These waterways may have suffered thermal issues a few weeks ago but are in great shape now with cooler days and nights.

#4 Weather / Light – fall offers us lower angled light and cooler days. With the change of the season comes change in the weather. Cooler rains and cloudy days can make for narvana on the water.

#5 – pre-spawn – the fish are more active thus using more energy and while this usually translates into some great streamer fishing it can also mean more active fish willing to bite on top.

So while fall might not feature the marquee hatches of spring it still brings plenty of opportunities to the dry fly devotee. In the fall fish are  looking up perhaps with a reliability and consistency that surpasses even it’s vernal counterpart.


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  1. Jake Shelkey says:

    to keystone fly guides of all the fly fishing this and that’s on the internet you guys have been the easiest to learn from and give me applical information on southwest pa rivers that I fish thanks a ton for not being such fly fishing hipsters like the rest of the chumps

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