Author: KeystoneFlyGuides

Field Notes – line yourself up for success.

Recently I had the pleasure to join a friend for a mid-May float of an eastern tailwater here in Pennsylvania. We worked up a pretty solid plan to hit the lower river early and then head upstream for the evening rise. The morning offered plenty of chances and was an encouraging prelude to the action …

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It’s 2021 – Brood X Cicada Apocalypse is coming!

Alright, that may be overselling it – but now is a good time to prepare yourself for the coming cicada hype this summer. Cicadas are one of those hatches that occur infrequently but are predictable and can be quite entertaining for those who know where to be and when to be there. Cicadas hatch on …

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Green Drakes – Penns Creek, Pennsylvania

Just a quick update on the Green Drake hatch this year. I met up with my buddy Maurice to fish lower Penns last night. We checked out several spots including Weikert, Pardee, and Glen Iron. There were drake duns along with many other bugs in Pardee last night. By far the most coffin flies were …

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