Author: KeystoneFlyGuides

Fly Fisher’s International Instructor Clinic & Certification Program

I am passing this along for folks out there who are interested in teaching other anglers to become fly anglers or to cast better. Becoming a certified instructor is not about a label, it is not a merit badge or a title to hold above anyone. It is about learning how to teach good fundamental …

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Your Next Must Have Fishing Map for Pennsylvania!

It is no secret that fly anglers love all the trappings that come along with the sport. What can be secret, are the locations and the means by which to reach these beautiful destinations. For years many of us have relied on Google Maps to carry out pre-trip recon and to store our post trip …

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Pennsylvania Fly Fish Spring JAM & The Right Fly, Wrong Presentation

Last weekend I finally had a chance to return to Central Pennsylvania after a long semester and even longer winter. The cool weather seemed to just hang on a little longer this year. It seems like the seasons are shifting, starting later and lasting longer. That’s a big factor when you’re trying to crack the …

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