Coming in from the cold

  This past weekend Keystone Fly Guides returned to the frigid shores of lake Erie for more fly n fin pursuits. Unfortunately conditions did not change much sine the prior week and the creeks were mostly low and clear. Fortunately this was also the weekend of Steelhead Jam! Misery may love company but with these guys around even the worst conditions are no match for good times.

I started out the weekend friday afternoon in Ohio with FOM outfitter’s guide Patrick Campbell. We planned on visiting the Grand river but the river was blown out so we headed to plan B, a little trib to the east. The best part of the day was we found water, we found fish, and there was nobody there. I left my camera in my car but trust me when I say, if you seek solitude you can find it, if you walk.

Saturday was a different story. We fished a good bit of upper and middle Elk and I can honestly say, there were probably more fisherman than fish. This made the fishing but by staying on the move we were able to find several pockets of unmolested fish that were willing to play.

Moral of the story: keep moving, take your time and enjoy yourself.







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