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Here’s a few videos I’ve been enjoying lately to keep me company while fly tying and organizing gear in the garage for the coming guide season which starts by the way starts tomorrow. I hope you enjoy them while you’re planning your next trip. Be sure to drop me a line if you want to get on the water or need to knock some rust off that cast. I adhere by all government recommendations and social distancing guidelines. And now, enjoy some great videos!

First up is Joe Humphreys “Nymphing Techniques” – Joe shares his knowledge and insights about fishing, having fun, and life. I particularly enjoyed his flexible approach to nymphing. In a world that seems increasingly focused on highly specialized equipment for “technical” or “tactical” fishing, Joe is rocking it old school with a 9ft 5wt and double taper floating fly line. Watch the whole video and you may see the value in using gear that is flexible and adaptable to a wide range of uses. While I certainly love my specialty rods and equipment, I have to say I am much more like Joe and choose to take my favorite 8’6″ 5wt do-it-all. I also enjoyed Joe’s application and reasoning for using split-shot. It’s become relatively unfashionable in recent years to use split shot but, as Joe demonstrates here, there is real value in having it with you. Yet another example of the value of being versatile. Finally, pay particular attention to the part of the show when Joe instinctually sets the hook where a fish should be even though there was no visible sign of a take. I really enjoyed listening to Joe talk about his approach to nymphing and sharing some of his secrets.


Next up is Dave Rothrock’s how-to video explaining how to set up and fish a drop shot rig. Staying on the theme of nymphing and versatility, I thought this video nicely explains the drop shot system and why it’s so useful to understand. Dave dives in deep on the system and gives you the whole picture of using this approach. I particularly enjoyed how clear it was to follow Dave’s explanations for why and how he use’s this system. Dave is very descriptive about all elements of this system and provides all the measurements and specific information about his setup. I know I am looking forward to using this approach more often in my own personal pursuits this spring!


Lastly is a great video from George Daniels who shares his affinity for fishing small mountains streams. George covers the apparel, gear, and skills that will help you enjoy fishing these hidden mountain gems. I particularly enjoyed the way George demonstrates how to preform the casts you’ll need to find success in these challenging environments. George covers the when and where for using a wide range of skills including dry dropper fishing, reading water, and when to change flies. George also does a great job explaining why approach and positioning is so important and how to put yourself in place for success. My favorite take away is watching how much George moves, I think it’s something a lot of folks don’t realize is key for catching more fish. George’s problem solving is easy to follow and should help on your next outing.


I hope you are staying safe at home and enjoy these videos. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the water soon!


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