Orvis Recon 10ft 3wt Fly Rod Review

Just picked up this rod for the new year. I have had it out 3 times so far and I am impressed.

I have used a 10ft 4wt H2 before this and it is a versatile rod. It became my “go-to” rig when I didn’t know what to expect on an outing. I could do a little bit of everything with that rig.

My initial impression of the Recon is that it is very sensitive. You can really feel the weight of your nymphs and every rock and take. The rod is nicely balanced because of the down-locking reel seat which I have been a fan of for years.

The rod feels light in the hand. When casting further or with heavier flies the tip may seem soft compared to faster rods but I think that is part of the trade-off for the amazing sensitivity this rod has to offer. A smooth casting stroke that starts slow with constant acceleration to stop a firm stop helps to load this rod properly for longer casts.

Tight-lining or high-sticking nymphs with this rod is a treat. The reach makes it easy to control drift and again the weight distribution balances the rod nicely in hand. However, I suspect it is the taper of the rod that adds the most to it’s sensitivity.

Fighting fish on this rod is a treat. The rod bends deeply and progressively when fighting which allows protection of the lightest tippet which is often required when hunting trophies on spring creeks. The blank seems to dampen shock smoothly while maintaining a strong back-bone for control and lift.

I plan on pairing this rod with a 7’11” 8wt streamer rod for daylong winter outings.


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