Gunpowder Falls, MD

I know this is “keystone”Fly guides but with the GP only an hour away and fishing better (read as not as crowded) than other water I thought I would make use of my MD license early this year.

No need to get up and at em early right now. Make yourself a big breakfast and coffee and get down to the creek around noon. Water temped around 36 – 38 degrees above Falls rd.

Rick and I got our “tactical” fly fishing on and worked our way up. “low and slow” should be your mantra right now. Stay low and watch your shadow, move slow and be thorough. get your fly low and bouncing on the bottom, only use an indy if you have to. Nothing on the surface, not even a midge. Streamers are not out of the question but these fish are not moving very far.

Hit them on the nose with a well presented nymph pattern and you will be bending. Our best patterns were #16 frenchies, #16 Hares Ear, #16 Robinsins Scuddis, #14 Mr Squishy, and  #16 black copper john.



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