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Fishing Report 4/25/16 Yellow Breeches

Guest written by: Bill Knouse South Central PA Report 4/25/16: Yellow Breeches is running low and clear but the action on top has been better than recent years. The smorgasbord of bugs has many anglers scratching their heads. Little black caddis sz18 can be seen throughout most of the day and in clouds about an …

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Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Report, Yellow Breeches 3/31/16

The season is underway and moving along. Forsythia is in bloom and that means we can find Grannoms and Hedricksons. Today I arrived on-stream later than what is ideal for these hatches, I pulled into Boiling Springs around 1pm. Anglers reported denser grannom caddis activity with steadily rising fish mid morning. There were caddis sporadically …

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See you at the shows!

We have a jam packed weekend. Saturday March 5th I will be at the Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster, PA tying and helping at the International Federation of Fly Fisher’s Chesapeake Council booth. Sunday I will be at the Penn’s Woods Cabin Fever Show in Cranberry Twp near Pittsburgh. In the meantime enjoy this nice …

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