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PA Class A Trout & Special Regulation Waters under attack

As an avid fly fisherman and conservationist I was appalled by the recent Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commision (PFBC) proposal to change the regulations regarding Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only (DHALO) areas. The changes would lengthen and move up the current harvesting period from June 15th up to the Saturday before Memorial day. The changes …

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PA House Bill 1565: An update

October 15 2014: Here is an update on the bill. All, Despite all of your tremendous efforts, and the efforts of our conservation partners, the Senate just voted 27-22  to pass HB1565 (PN4258).  The bill will now go to the House for concurrence.  Senator Baker and Brubaker spoke in support of 1565, while Senators Dinniman, …

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