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New & Old we love gear! See what we think about our favorite gear. We are always looking for suggestions so please drop us a tip if you have gear you love too.

Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Podcast: (Episode 1) Sage X Fly Rod Review

We had a chance to interview James Jindal from W. Dawson and Sage Fly Rods about the new Sage X Fly Rod. let us know what you want us to cover for upcoming episodes!

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Gear We Love: Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket

Every so often I run into equipment or gear that I really like and use almost everyday. The Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket is one of the few pieces of gear that I use everyday whether or not I am on the water. Constantly being outdoors means following that tried but true motto of “be prepared.” …

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Mid-Atlantic Fly Casting Championship / Pa Fly Fishing Museum Heritage Day, Yellow Breeches, Boiling Spring, Pa 6/20/15

This past Saturday was the 1st Mid-Atlantic Fly Casting 5wt Championship, held during Heritage Day at the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum. The Museum is located on the banks of the Yellow Breeches at the Allenbury Resort in Boiling Springs Pennsylvania. This year the competition has been renamed and the event was moved from the Fall …

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