Spring Creek 2/2/16

Frosty. #keystoneflyguides

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Happy Groundhog’s Day

9am – 1pm Lower Spring

Fished some new patterns today. I have been working on a green caddis variation on a barbless jig hook and I believe I am finalizing the design. Today’s battery of tests proved the potential of the design. Several fish were caught on the green caddis. All fish were in the middle to end of riffles or in the tails of pools on the the sides. Proceed with caution along the banks and fish your way out. Before you step in, fish. Chimney caddis were everywhere and when I was not catching fish I was catching caddis. The cases were over all of the rocks in incredible numbers.


This is getting old.

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Match it. #keystoneflyguides

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The interesting note about this is that there were no caddis above the treatment plant. I need to inquire further about this anomaly. Very few midges around down at McCoy.


1pm – 3pm Upper Spring

Midges were sporadic and there were no risers. Fish were there and they were in many different types of water. Hooked a few but landed none.

This is what it’s all about: Having fun. Fishing makes us happy!


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