Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Report and Stream Conditions 4/28/16

Coveted Waters guide Eric Richard ties a “Hat Rabbit.”

March Browns are picking up as Hendricksons and Grannoms are winding down. Olive hatches have been decent on overcast days and terrestrials are starting to show up on some of our southern spring creeks. Water flows have been great for dry fly action. This is shaping up to be a great year. Fish can be caught on duns but emergers and crippleds can be VERY productive. If you are not eliciting a take on a dead drifted presentation do not be afraid to add a little life by skittering or skating a dry.

Movement can help trigger a strike when there is a lot of action on the water including rain. Also, when hatches are sporadic don’t be afraid to prospect for fish in likely lies or food lines. A sporadic hatch can work to your advantage as your fly doesn’t have to compete against a sea of naturals. Fish your fly confidently and give it every opportunity to take fish. The “wrong” pattern presented with confidence will take more fish than the “right” pattern presented poorly.

Take your time to study the run and observe the fish, bugs, and water carefully for several minutes. Wait before you wade. You will catch more fish. If you take the time to observe the pool you will be able to identify more willing fish. Allowing more fish to put the feed bag on before you enter the water will give you the advantage. When the fish key on the bugs they can become careless and in the feeding frenzy they can lower their guard. This is your time. Go fish.

Coveted Waters guide Eric Richard holds a beautiful wild brown trout. To experience one of Pa’s best kept fly fishing secrets contact Eric Richard at Coveted Waters Guide Service.

Special thanks to Eric Richard and Coveted Waters Guide Service for sharing his knowledge and his special water.


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