Mid-Atlantic Fly Casting Contest, June 18th, Allenbury Resort


Michael McFarland dropping bombs!
Michael McFarland dropping bombs!

This year Cumberland Valley TU will be again hosting the Mid-Atlantic Fly Casting Contest during the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum’s Heritage Day on June 18th at the Allenbury Resort in Boiling Springs PA. The heritage day is a great time to check out the museum and they hold an excellent fishing flea market and art show. You can find all kinds of rare fly fishing gear and historic artifacts that you will never see at a the “Simms & Sage” shows over the winter.

Derek Eberly distance casting at the Pa Fly Casting Championship in Carlisle, Pa 2014.
Expert Division Champion 2014

The casting contest is not as bad or as serious as it sounds. When I went to my first competition I was worried it would be very competitive. I practiced at home and even practiced with the great casting instructor David Rothrock. When I arrived at the competition I was surprised to find that there were very few egos, almost all of the guys there were very supportive. In fact I found that many were guides or also worked in the industry. I learned a great deal that day and improved my personal casting and my ability to help others from an instructors stand point. So with that initial experience I came back and I continue to go back every year to learn more and try another chance at the title.

My mentor Dave Rothrock

If you want to learn more about the competition head over to Cumberland Valley TU’s website and find the information they have posted on their front page. It will be a great time and it is an excellent way to learn to improve your cast and also meet some really great folks that share a passion for fly fishing.


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