Go west young man

Since getting into fly fishing I have changed. Much is the result of the sport but even more was the result of my friendship with my best friend Peter Styer. Pete taught me more than I could have ever expected but it was his encouragement and positive attitude which affected me the most. I have always held that attitude with me.

Last year I had the opportunity to pass that good vibe along to a guy that came into my work at the Orvis outlet in Lancaster. Josh Diller is one hell of an angler but an even better person to be around. Josh left Lancaster with nothing more than he could carry and followed his passion to Colorado.

While out there Josh has worked every job possible and is truly a modern renaissance man. He has a background in snowboarding and BMX but is also an accomplished archer. Add to the mix that this guy fly fishes and has a great eye for photography/video art and you can see why this dude is having a ball out west.

The edit speaks for itself:




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