Fishing Report 4/16/15: Yellow Breeches

Grannoms are ON!

hey handsome, get it?'s on my hand...eyeroll
hey handsome, get it?…it’s on my hand…eyeroll

I arrived in Boiling Spring around 9:30am which was a little late but I was easily able to find a spot. I took my time crossing the creek so as not to repeat another swim and made my way down the creek. Take your time wading into the water. There is no need to cause a commotion and remember to relax and enjoy being in this wonderful weather. Let your surroundings acclimate to your presence before proceeding to beat the water into a froth with misguided casts. You will thank me later after your environment accepts your intrusion and the bug feast commences.


Longer, lighter leaders are helpful as the fish are willing to feed on top but will not tolerate being harassed by poorly placed fly line. keep your fly line away from the fish as best you can. A 9ft or greater leader is helpful but nothing more than 11ft is required for now. Keep floatant and drying devices handy as you will need to dress your fly frequently. I pre-treat with orvis floatant and then post-catch I dry with a few squeezes in an amadou patch and a shake in desiccant powder.

post catch ritual that will keep you riding high.
post catch ritual that will keep you riding high.

Move slowly in the water if you must move around in the water at all. Look to the banks and side water for the majority of your risers and especially your largest fish. If the rises slow down or cease, rest the area. Give the fish a break from your disturbance and they will return. Take this time to observe your surrounding and the brush along the stream. You may find the next hatch (hendricksons) is beginning to show itself nicely.

larger fish are on the banks. wade carefully and cast softly
larger fish are on the banks. wade carefully and cast softly

Enjoy your time and be considerate of others. This is not secretive information as many anglers are well aware of the time of year and what that means for our top side opportunities. Be considerate of your fellow angler and show him the same respect you would expect from him. It’s a great time of year and the season is here!

keep em' wet. till next time!
keep em’ wet. till next time!



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